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New album by local entertainer Steve Jones


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Posted: Sunday, November 16, 2014 4:01 pm

Local entertainer Steve Jones has truly gone international for his latest project. So? Shiny Objects is a collaborative effort with Jones and Owen Hodgson from Aberdeen, Scotland. The independent CD was released last week and features the two trading off songs. All 11 tracks are originals.

“I love the UK sound and Owen truly has it,” said Jones. “He’s an incredible talent. We’ve recorded together over the years but never at this level. I don’t want to keep writing and recording the same album over and over. I’m willing to take chances.”

Hodgson’s day job is a geologist but he’s been playing music for most of his life, performing flute, organ, bass and drums on the CD. In addition to the songs on the album, the London-born artist created the graphics and artwork for the liner notes which includes a crossword puzzle.

The project began in 2010 when Jones was in Scotland visiting Hodgson, his second cousin by marriage. Three songs were recorded and shelved

although they didn’t all make the final cut. They later picked up the idea and produced and created the tracks from opposite sides of the Atlantic.

“The songs on this album dealt more with issues. Just A Cigarette is about quitting smoking, The Plan is about hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters,” said Jones.

Of the six tracks he either wrote or co-wrote, Strong is his favourite.

The two even created a video for the project, Yes I Know, which can be found on the Steve Jones website. It’s done as a duet with the two trading verses.

The Jones songs were engineered and recorded by Dave Mai of Penticton. There are several cameos by other Penticton musicians. Tavis Weir performs guitar and Monika Jones (Steve’s wife) provides back-up for one of the tracks.

“It’s been by far my most favourite project to date,” said Jones, who previously released three solo CDs. “I can’t say enough about Dave and Tavis. I was willing to through a lot of hills and valleys, but I feel it’s a diverse album. I love it and I’ve very proud of it.”

As for the future, Jones will continue playing as a solo artist or with his band, The Patio Bandits. His next project is still up in the air but he’s considering a tribute to his late brother, who penned many songs.

Locally, the album is available at The Grooveyard. For a limited time, the $15 price tag includes a special So? tee-shirt (which is shortened from Steve and Owen.) The album is also for sale in Scotland.

It can also be bought on CD baby or on line at:

The Penticton Herald

Steve Jones of Vaseux Lake is lead singer of The Steve Jones Band....... Prior to fronting his own band, he spent 13 years with Kyle Anderson and the Amazing Rubber Band and three years in Loose Change. Over the years he's released five independent CDs and appeared on three others with the Rubber Band.

He and his wife Monika have two children, Michael and Emily.

A hard-core fan of The Beatles and especially Paul McCartney, he spoke recently with Herald editor James Miller in recognition of the 50-year anniversary of The Beatles coming to America.


HERALD: What brought you from Vancouver to the South Okanagan?

JONES: I wanted to buy a house and raise a family.

HERALD: Where did you discover your love of music?

JONES: It was at home, growing up. My brother Ken played the guitar and it looked like a cool thing to do.

HERALD: What can you tell me about The Steve Jones Band in three sentences or less?

JONES: The Steve Jones Band loves to play rock-and-roll. Good party band with great, talented people. I love them!

HERALD: What was the most exciting gig you ever played?

JONES: The first time I played live in elementary school. What a rush!

HERALD: You weren't alive when The Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan. How did you discover them?

JONES: My brothers had all of their albums when we were kids and we played them all the time.

HERALD: How did The Beatles change the world?

JONES: For the better, I think. They first changed rock-and-roll and then they changed how to record in the studio. They changed styles Ñ clothes, hair, music and attitudes and we still feel their influences today.

HERALD: Had Lennon not been shot, do you think The Beatles would have eventually reunited?

JONES: That's hard to say, but I don't think so. George and John would have been the hold-outs.

HERALD: Rank your three favourite Beatles songs in order.

JONES: I Am the Walrus, Penny Lane, Rain.

HERALD: OK, your favourite solo song by each of the four Beatles recorded after the break-up.

JONES: I'm the Greatest (Starr), Jealous Guy (Lennon), When We Was Fab (Harrison) and Hi, Hi, Hi (McCartney), although I also love Too Many People, Dance Till We're High Together and Tug of War.

HERALD: Best concert you've ever seen?

JONES: This is again, a really tough question. Paul McCartney in 1990 and 2012 was amazing but I saw Queen in 1978, 1980 and 1982 with Freddie Mercury. Elton John was no slouch either.

HERALD: What skills do your own children have that you don't but wish you did?

JONES: Staying in shape.

HERALD: Will your wife Monika still need you and still feed you when you're 64?

JONES: I hope so, cause I kinda like her.


Under The Lights/Castanet/Kelowna/Rock Review

Quotes from the article

Under The Lights

Rock Review Aug.2012

by Bruce Atkinson.

...some of the most vibrant music to land on your ears!'

The Steve Jones Band provide the rare five voice harmony along with thoughtful, energetic and telling songs born of the heart of Steve Jones”

The music is a high energy blend of storytelling and guitar driven musical journeys that is best heard live!”

Live & Kicking Ass”.... performances that promise to stay with you a long time”.....

....a harmonious force to be reckoned with”!
Congratulations on GrIndie Award

RadioIndy is proud to present Steve Jones a GrIndie Award for their CD "Clear Blue Sky." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.



Lively album featuring energetic lyrics

Steve Jones releases another great album, titled “Clear Blue Sky,” packed with well-crafted, original classic rock songs. The vocals are smooth and relaxed on these sharp and flowing singles. Dishing up a bouncy beat, “Empty Promises” has energetic lyrics, while “Us” is slightly slower in speed but delivers wonderful harmonies. The album clearly has a high-quality production, as listeners will be able to hear the dynamic balance between vocals and instruments. A good example of this well-constructed mix is “Comes As No Surprise” and “She Said Yes” as the guitar serves up sweet licks while vocals are clean and crisp. Fans of Pink Floyd or Electric Light Orchestra won’t be disappointed when listening to Steve Jones’ “Clear Blue Sky,” as it is filled with creative melodies and vivacious beats.



"STEVE JONES FULL CIRCLE "E.P." is an impressive collection of upbeat contemporary songs that peg JONES as more than just a great cover artist."... PENTICTON WESTERN NEWS /2006

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