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Steve Jones


 " music is a high energy blend of storytelling and guitar driven musical journeys that is best heard live!”

   ...a harmonious force to be reckoned with”!

Stephen Michael Jones: Singer/Songwriter,  

Instruments: Guitar, Vocals 

Genre: Rock, Pop, R&B,  


The Patio Bandits -  Steve's latest performing band in the Okanagan 2014 -

So? -  Steve Jones and U.K. artist Thinking Aloud team up to produce #1 single "Yes I Know" on N1M charts 2014 -

Steve Jones Band - Popular band performed in the Okanagan from 2011 - 2013

Amazing Rubber Band -  Multi award winning band in the South Okanagan 2000 - 2012

The Patio Bandits

Steve Jones: Vocals, Guitar

Monika Jones: Vocals

Ryan Schick: Keyboards, Vocals

Dale Anderson: Bass, Vocals


The Patio Bandits!

The Bandits are made for any winery or patio. Always trying to keep things fresh, Steve and The Patio Bandits  find the right mix of classic rock songs, some newer cover songs, and a sprinkle of Steve's favourite originals.








So? is: Steve Jones and Owen Hodgson:After the success of Steve's Award Winning 2008 album, "Clear Blue Sky", which featured a distinct Thinking Aloud influence on every track, it was clear that it couldn't just be a one-off. So in 2010, plans were hatched for a true collaboration. Four years later, the seeds have grown into this eleven track combination of sounds ranging from light to dark and all points in between.

Steve's sweet and high vocal style contrasts and complements Owen's lower darker sound, and indeed the melding of styles has given Steve the opportunity to explore darker sounds while a slightly lighter unfettered Thinking Aloud sound peeps through from time to time! 

The Steve Jones Band



Steve Jones, Guitar and Vocals. 

Steve started playing guitar and writing music at the age of nine in Van- 

couver.  Instead of building things with Leggo, Steve started building 

bands. While working with bands such as Foreign Exchange and Loose 

Change Steve was able to incorporate some of his original tunes into the 

repertoire.  While working with The Amazing Rubber Band in Penticton, 

he continued to write original songs and now has five CD’s  to his credit. 


Blair Kennedy, Guitar and Vocals.  

As a prairie farm boy who made good, Blair grew up on the outskirts of 

Regina, Saskatchewan. With a guitar in his hand since the age of six he 

carefully honed his guitar skills and then added singing and song writ- 

ing to his repertoire.  Blair has played in bands which have opened for 

Streetheart and Loverboy and spent six months on the road as guitarist 

for the legendary Joe Cocker. 


Bob Gronowski, Bass and Vocals. 

Bob grew up in Detroit when Motown was in its glory.   After             

moving to Toronto he toured up and down the east coast of Canada 

and the States as a bass player with a variety of bands.  He eventually 

moved west and into the Okanagan Valley.  He has performed with 

such west coast greats as Terry Edmunds, Robbie King, and Henry Young. 


Akapita Haupapa, Drums and Vocals. 

A native of Rotura, NewZealand, Aka moved to Australia at age 22 and 

began drumming with a local rock band who opened for shows by Cold 

Chisel, Dragon and Australian Crawl.  He moved to Penticton in 1991 and 

played with This Old House and Loose Change.  Aka has displayed his 

drumming skills on many Okanagan  recordings including Peach City 

Beach Blues and Steve Jones’  Full Circle and Pictures CD’s. 


Monika Jones, Vocals and percussion. 

If you like stories that make you say awww, you will love this one.  Mon- 

ika and Steve met in their high school choir and have been together 

ever since.  Over the years that she and Steve have been together, they 

have worked on blending not only  their lives but their voices together 

as well. 



Amazing Rubber Band


KyleAnderson... 1997 - 2012 

... created "The Amazing Rubber Band" in 1997. Kyle leads the band, sings lead and harmony vocals, plays guitar, bass and harmonica. Follow him on Facebook:

Ric Johnston...  1997 - 2005 

...was a founding member of ARB. His incredible vocals and great guitar playing helped create the “Patio Sound” we loved so much. Our first CD is a testimonial to that sound. 

David Knight...  1997 - 2000

...was also there from the start. After leaving his group Magnetic North he joined forces with Kyle and Ric. A tremendously skilled performer, David was the first to put the “Amazing” in the Amazing Rubber Band. 

Steve Jones...   2000 - 2012

...joined The Amazing Rubber Band in 2000. Steve's sweet, high vocal range - as a harmonist and especially as a lead vocalist - is instrumental (pardon the pun!) in creating the Amazing Rubber Band's unique sound. With his new group The Steve Jones Band, he has a vehicle with which to perform his vast original music library. Visit Steve’s website at:

Patrick d’Aoust...   2005 - 2008 

...joined The Amazing Rubber Band in 2005. As well being a great singer Patrick is a luthier and actually built his own guitars. He also took over bass playing detail on numerous songs. His work is featured on Live in 2005. 

Gary Knippelberg...   2008 - 2012 the newest member to don a Hawaiian shirt, playing lead guitar and vocals. Gary's been around the local music scene since the 80s, playing with local favourites "Cruise Control", "Crossfire" and the very popular "Blackjack". A rabid Beatles fan, he plays a George Harrison model Gretsch Tennessean guitar and plays it great! Dance Party Vol. 1 features Gary in the band.


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